25.11.2015 — Doors Open Day in the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

On November 25, the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce held its annual event – the Doors Open Day – in the conference center at SwissOtel Krasnye Holmy.

The event was sectioned in two parts with four panel discussions on various subjects taking place simultaneously. By tradition, Artem Sirota was invited to a panel discussion of the Committee on Legal Affairs, this time devoted to the issue of import substitution and localisation of foreign production in Russia.

In his presentation, Artem Sirota provided legal advice and practical recommendations on choosing a platform for production facilities in Russia. At the moment this issue is of great relevance due to the recent amendments, in particular, the Law "On the Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow" that came into force on October 30, 2015, and the Law "On the Investment Policy of the City of Moscow and on State Support for Investors" entering into force on January 1, 2016.

In the second part of the report, Artem Sirota highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of localising production in an industrial park. Industrial parks are considered as prospective sites for foreign, including German, investments. For instance, the first production facility of a German company Jockey Plastik was constructed in the territory of Zavolzhye industrial park (Ulyanovsk region); DMG MORI (Gildemeister) recently opened a factory in the same place; OOO BASF Stroitelnye sistemy (BASF Construction Chemicals) has been a resident of Khimgrad industrial park in Tatarstan since 2013.

- SwissOtel Krasnye Holmy